Github update to RSA SSH host keys

As of yesterday, updated the RSA keys which broke access to the their servers when cloning or fetching from their repositories.

A weird Warning message like this one will instead be the output to those commands.

To fix it, follow the instructions oulined in this Github Blog Post. that will show how to update the known_hosts file to fix it.

IT job market impacted by recession, speculation and post-pandemic rules

After surviving a few layoff scenarios, it becomes evident the job market was impacted in a hard way by many events.

The speculation coming from different sources:

  • Rising interest rates moving investors away
  • Ukraine / Russia dispute impacts on economics and commodity markets.
  • Aging diversity in the post-pandemic times.
  • Globalization of the (remote) workforce.

That results on longer times for professional collocation.
Persevere and succeed!